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Vic, the owner
I have been a Collector most my life.  It all began with a very
cool model die-cast 1967 Mustang by Hot Wheels that was
given to me when I turned 8. As a young boy, my Uncle use
to let me work beside him on the cars in his garage.  I payed
close attention as he taught me everything he knew. He was
a great teacher and I learned quickly and those around me
were impressed that as soon as I saw a car going down the
street, I could immediately tell them the make and model.
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Antique and Medieval Weapons
I developed a particularly keen interest in muscle cars and
trucks. Since I wasn't old enough to drive, 1:64 scale
versions were the next best thing.  I became a Hot Wheels
junkie.  I currently own over 20,000 Hot Wheels and 97%
of them are still in their original packaging.
As I grew throughout the years so did my interest in collecting
and I frequently expanded my focus to include new collection
types. By the time I reached 35, collecting was a full-time
hobby. By 45 I was running out of living space.  Now in my mid
50's, I've decided it's time to give up collecting for good. That
is why I opened this online eCommerce website. Plus, I know
the items I am selling are bound to make people feel... because
that's what they did for me.  
Buy gifts for yourself and all the special people in your life. We carry a large variety of items that are vintage, antique, medieval and modern. We specialize in products featuring famous animated, cartoon, comic book, television, and movie characters
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Framed Hot Wheels
and Matchbox cars
in original package