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Original Hanna-Barbera cartoon production cel for "The Flintstones" with Pebbles Flintstone and Betty Rubble
Original Hanna-Barbera production cel actually used in the making of the cartoon "The Flintstones".  It is signed by
Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera and stamped with official Hanna-Barbera golden seal as proof it is a hand-painted
original (NOT a reproduction). The cel is stapled to the background and peg- punched for camera alignment
capability. At the bottom are the original hand-written production notes (i.e. scene & sequence number). It comes
with a Certificate of Authenticity and is stored inside a Warner Bros. Gallery preservation folder. The cel with the
background measures approximately 10.5" x 14" 14.75" (unframed).
Original hand-painted cartoon production cel featuring Pebbles Flintstone
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