Cool glow in the dark spin-art ceramic tiles.
"Guitar" Glow In The Dark Tile
"Seashell" Glow In The Dark Tile
"Birdie In The Green" Tile
"Pomegranate Burst" Tile
"Critter" Glow In The Dark Tile
The "Collect-a-Bull" Pastel Tile
"Sheep Head" Pastel Tile
"Twisted Twister" Tile
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One-of-a-kind, hand-painted, ceramic
spin-art tiles to use as decorative
conversation pieces, as trivets, as
coasters, or to hang on your wall as home
Cool glow-in-the- dark
spin-art ceramic tiles.
It's pretty amazing how
the spin-art turns the
center into a design
that has a distinct look.
It's crazy and
remarkable. Each
one looks almost
exactly like what I've
nameed them. "Birdie
in the Green", you
guessed it... just like a
birdie. And another
one just like a guitar.
How DOES it do that? If
you want to send me
an email I will tell you
how I made a free
spin-art machine out of
old stuff around the
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