Scooby-doo goes
trick-or-treating in
a removable fabric
skeleton costume
with pumpkin bucket
Price: $12.00
id: 650
Scooby-doo is ready for
the rain wearing his
collar and removable
yellow vinyl slicker rain
coat with matching vinyl
rain hat.
Price: $18.00
id: 651
Great gifts! Get adorable hard-to-find retired collectible Hanna-Barbera
cartoon character plush stuffed animals from Russ Berrie.
Scooby-doo in a
1-piece removable
fabric bat Halloween
costume and collar.
Price: $15.00
id: 652
Scooby-doo wearing
a 2-piece removable
fringed, suede
American Indian
costume with waist
pouch and a matching
Price: $20.00
id: 653
Scooby-doo sporting a
3-piece removable
skaters outfit with collar
and helmet, and riding a
skate razor. Shoes are
not removable.
Price: $22.00
id: 654
id: 655
Price: $12.00
Scooby-doo is teacher's
pet wearing a removable
cotton "#1 Teacher " t-shirt
and collar, and holding a
fabric red apple.
Large Scooby-doo
18" plush stuffed
animal griping a
scared white satin
ghost in his snarling
Price: $30.00
id: 656
Large Jerry (the
mouse) 20" plush
stuffed animal  
from the beloved  
animated cartoon
"Tom & Jerry"
Price: $26.00
id: 657
-Get adorable hard-to-find retired collectible Hanna-Barbera cartoon character plush stuffed animals from Russ Berrie like Scooby-Doo and Jerry the mouse as well as Limited Edition Figurines & Plates, Bobbleheads, Dolls, Coca-Cola Collectibles, Cookie Jars, Medieval weapons and Lots of Other Unique Gifts
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