Ladies vintage embroidered black kidskin leather gloves
Vintage fashion eyeglass case - floral teal fabric
Vintage fashion eyeglass case - teal faux leather
Vintage fashion eyeglass case - golden and semi-hard
Vintage fashion eyeglass case - fabric autumn
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Shop for vintage accessories including sunglasses, eyeglass cases, scarves, jewelry, and gloves.

vintage eyeglass cases, scarves, jewelry, gloves and sunglasses

Vintage Clothing Accessories

Vintage blue
and lavender
paisley scarf

laveder and blue paisley vintage fashion silk scarf
Green and blue floral vintage fashion silk scarf
blue and green vintage fashion scarf
Yellow and green  vintage fashion scarf

Vintage blue and
green scarf

Vintage yellow
and green scarf

Vintage green
and blue
floral scarf

Vintage gold
semi-hard vinyl
eyeglass case

Vintage teal
soft vinyl
eyeglass case

Vintage teal
floral fabric
eyeglass case

Vintage black
leather gloves

Vintage brown
fabric soft
eyeglass case

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