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Collectible Figurines & Statuettes

Comic Book, Cartoon, Movie & TV Characters and Skulls, Skeletons & Wizards    

Growing up we took interest in a particular cartoon, comic book, and/or other fantasy character that made us feel a certain
way: comradery because they were a common interest among friends; cheerful because they made us laugh; safe because
they were protectors; less alone because they were relatable; or ambitious because they inspired us. Indulge your
imagination and own a tangible reminder of memories today.

Figurine & Statuette Character Likenesses

Pick a collectible figurine/statuette type:

DC Comics

Image of DC Comics Robin, Batman, Green Lantern figurines/statuette
Marvel Comics
image of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer figurines
Cartoon, Movie & Television
Image of Elmer Fudd, Wizard of Oz stars, Groucho Marx figurines/Statuette
Skulls, Skeletons & Wizard
image of  tribal tatooed skull, skater skeleton, wizaard figurines
Merrie Melodies cartoon cel with Pussyfoot the kitty in Marc Antony the dog's hand
Cheech and Chong bobbleheads. Cheech is playing guitar.
collector plate of Superman flying over Metropolis with Lois Lane in his arms

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