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Commemorative set marks the 200th anniversary of the United States Cavalry 1777-1977. Includes 2 pistols (both
are 44 cap & ball), case hardened receiver and bullet seater, brass trigger guard, bbl, cylinder and back-strap are
blue, cylinder is engraved with Naval engagement scene, also says engaged 16 May 1843, w/ Colt's patent no.,
cylinder is unfluted, bbl reads United States Cavalry Commemorative, 8" bbl, military inspection marks on wooden
grip, set includes the following accessories:  powder flask, bullet mold, nipple wrench, cap can, 1-piece walnut
stock with brass butt plate with serial number. Everything is original. Only 3000 sets were made in 1977.
Everything fits into beautiful American walnut wooden box with blue oiled velvet liner.
1777 - 1977 Civil War U.S. Calvary Commemorative Boxed Gun Set
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